Thursday, September 13, 2018

How to Become a Cool Student in College

How to Become a Cool Person

Everyone wants to be that cool person everybody likes. It is something we all secretly desire. But is it the quality you can control or is it in-built? What is the criteria of being cool? Is it what we think it is or something else?

The answer is often based on our judgement of being cool. The person we see as perfect looks cool to us. For some it may be that extrovert who has a lot of friends and is the life of the party. For others it can be that book worm nerd who remembers the Shakespeare or Einstein. It can be a celebrity bred with fame or a person with an excellent sense of humor. It can be a person who has excellent control over her emotions or a friend who is a gold-medalist at sports. Hence, coolness is not an absolute quality. And the criteria of coolness also changes from time to time, sometimes based on our own likes and dislikes or a certain teen trend. What is cool now may not be cool a few years ago. This can complicate the question of who is cool. The definition of coolness varies in different social circles and cultural backgrounds. It may vary from one institution to another.

how to become cool person

There are two approaches to coolness. One are the evaluative qualities in a person that make them look cool to others. They include originality, attractiveness and personal appeal. You look cool to people because you have socially desirable traits of being friendly, competent and agreeable. At the same time, you can appear cool to people because you are rebellious, adventurous, sarcastic and selfish. The former type exhibits high self-esteem and social desirability. The latter are seen as insensitive to failure and external judgements. They are open to new experiences and possess emotional stability.

To conclude, it can be said that due to the increased use of social media, being cool has become an important personality trait. We like to have people have an opinion about us. We like to be viewed as cool. We like people to comment on our facebook page and like out Instagram posts. We work on ourselves to become like the people we admire. We follow the latest fashion trends, strive to become self-confident and be more goal-oriented. We start to possess traits of the friendly and open minded people. To some of us appeal the cool people with rebellious traits.

Try to look into the lives of the people who appeal to you and who you define as cool. Gain certain traits from their personality and employ them into your own life to increase your attractiveness. But do not lose your own identity in the matter. It is observed that cool traits also positively affect your relationships and your ability to pursue goals. When you feel good about yourself, it brings about positive vibes in your life that make the world a better place for you and others. Be cool and surprise yourself and those around you with mazing results.

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