Thursday, September 13, 2018

How to Socialize in College and Make Friends Quickly

How to Develop Strong Social Connections

Social connections are important for our health and well-being. Friends make our hard times easier to bear and our happiness greater. They provide support in all times. It is important to remember your friends at times important to you and also care about their happiness. This way you will develop with them a bond for life.
how to make friends

Stay connected. It helps your health and affects you in many positive ways. People with stronger social circles live longer. The quality of the bond among friends matters a lot. Prioritize the people who you find reliable and positive. They make us feel good and comfortable. Frequently make contacts with these people. Bond with your friends and allow time to strengthen and deepen your bond. Laugh with your friends. Laughter make us feel relaxed and contented. They trigger our desire for connection. Gift giving is considered very ethical across cultures. The intention should not be to impress with expensive gifts but to make an affectionate connection. This small token will always remind others that you thought about them. It reinforces trust and connection. Think about those who are lonely in your group or far from their families. Visit them often. Loneliness is very toxic and leads to depression, aggressiveness and stress. It results in withdrawal, bad health, poorer sleep and ultimately social isolation. These people feel lonely in a crowd and ultimately their brain goes into self-preservation mode. Isolation is a serious factor in the later ages. Think about the elderly living in your neighborhood or someone who lives far away from their family. It only takes a moment to smile and say hello. Invite those people to your home. Go grocery shopping with them. Next time you go to the gym, ring their door bell too.

Always be available for people. Smile often. Make them feel that you are approachable and they will find a good friend in you. Help others often. These small gestures of love will help you develop strong social connections.

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